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Important Information For Your Avalon & Stone Harbor Vacation

Rental Information

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How To Reserve A Rental:

Today, most searches for products start on the resourceful and powerful internet. Real estate is no different - the first step to find Avalon rentals or Stone Harbor rentals in NJ starts on the web. Our exceptionally user-friendly rental search will allow you to explore different rental properties and availability in our inventory. The rental search will allow you to browse properties in many different ways. You can search by specific weeks or amenities. If you find Avalon NJ vacation rentals or Stone Harbor vacation rentals that will suit your needs, the next step is to take action and reserve the property. Reserving a property is a very simple process with our team. There are multiple ways to go about it - You can either call our office and speak to an agent who will help you immediately, or you have the option to fill out an inquiry form on our website. After you fill out the form with your basic information,  someone from our team will follow up as soon as possible. If you want to see the rental property (or multiple properties), our team will organize keys to pick up for a preview. Once a decision is made to move forward in renting the property - the agent you are working with will then reserve the property. The property will no longer be viewed as active. The next step is to prepare the lease - you will be required to provide additional information for security purposes. Once the lease is drawn up by your renting agent, we will organize sending the lease to you for a signature. The easiest way and fastest way to sign the lease is digitally, through docusign. You will receive an email from docusign with instructions on how to successfully digitally sign the document. Once the lease is signed by the tenant, our team will send the lease to the property owner for their signature as well. Once the lease is fully signed by both parties, the agent will send you a copy! Next, payments must be made by the tenant. The payment schedule is clearly shown on the lease.

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Payment Information:

Once you have reserved your Avalon NJ vacation rentals, or Stone Harbor vacation rentals, and your lease has been drawn up and fully signed - you will have to follow the specific payment schedule. A payment is due shortly after the lease is fully signed. There are numerous ways you can make your first payment. You can make a payment by either sending a check payable to Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty through the US Postal Service. The more preferred way of making a payment is online. Or our team can send you a link to access the free online “tenant portal” where you are able to make your payment for free, using ACH (bank information). The process is very easy and our office is more than happy to help you get set up online with the tenant portal. If those two options do not work, you also have the availability to pay with a credit card but for a 2.75% fee.

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Next Steps:

You‘ve successfully booked your Avalon or Stone Harbor vacation rental, made your payment, and you can almost hear the ocean! There are certainly a few things to think about before your departure to the beach. One of which is things to pack with you! All tenants are responsible for bringing linens and towels, as most of our rentals do not supply them (unless otherwise specified). You are able to use a concierge service to rent linens and towels if you do not want to pack them in the car! Please note that owners will provide mattress pads, pillows, and comforters for each bed. Most of our rental properties are well equipped with common beach and house items. With that being said, you should bring anything that may be needed during your stay. Our leases include a list of all the amenities included with your rental property. Please take a look at the lease and decide what other items you will need. Please remember to bring all the living essentials, including clothes, toiletries, medications, electronics, and chargers. Other items may include sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, hats, and beach towels. The good news is that anything can be purchased once you get into town!

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Check-In Process:

Our process to check you into your rental has progressed over the years. Tim Kerr Sotheby’s International Realty is committed to providing the ultimate convenience for our tenants. We understand this is your vacation and how important that is. For that reason, we want to make check-in the best experience possible. Personable service can always be expected from our team. All of our check-ins are held at our Avalon office location. Please refer to your lease to view your check-in time (which is typically 2pm). When it is time to check-in, drive to 2821 Dune Drive, and come into the office. There is not typically a line or a long waiting period to be helped. Our team will then greet you with your check-in packet. This packet will include important documents and information regarding your rental property. Also in the packet, is the property inspection form. This form is very important to fill out immediately upon your arrival. The form is designed to protect your security deposit, and ensure that previous damage to the property is not held liable to you. Please return this form to our office as soon as possible (most likely Sunday morning). You have the option to send the form to our email account - info@timkerrsir.com or drop it off to us at the office. Pictures are always helpful to report damage on the inspection form. Please let us know if there are any major defects that have to be addressed and corrected. Do not hesitate to call your agent or our office. Customer service is very important to us, and we will do everything in our power to remediate any issues with your rental property.

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